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Calhoun District Planning Study

at University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

The purpose of this planning study was to consider how this eight acre site might best accommodate a series of new buildings and building renovations along Calhoun Street. The general vision for the district includes enhancing the pedestrian experience, creating a campus gateway on this southern edge of campus, improving vehicular circulation and addressing the potential of three separate building sites. These include renovations to Calhoun Hall, reuse of the existing historic YMCA building, a new Alumni Center and a potential future building where the Law School currently exists. Generally, the site improvements take a light-handed approach, maximizing existing opportunities and defining places to move through and spaces to socialize. The suggested landscape improvements define a cohesive character for the district and distinguish points of arrival and gathering without relying on overt signage. The urban edge is also carefully considered in each project area. 



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