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Private Retreat and Park

Beijing, China


Sited on a 4.5-hectare property just outside Beijing, this project is comprised of multiple distinct but related components: a boutique factory; a gallery, clubhouse, and spa compound for visitors; small villas for overnight guests; residences to house the owner’s extended family; and a 1.8-hectare naturalistic park. For the built zones, MBLA worked closely with Gluckman Tang Architects to develop a range of formal and domestic landscape spaces to accommodate the specific uses of each area. A stone court, reflecting pools, small private courtyards, and backyard gardens extend the character and functionality of the building interiors into the landscape. The park, which is loosely based on traditional Chinese garden concepts, consists of several interwoven zones: a meadow, a wooded hill, a large play lawn, a wooded wetland, and a pond. At the core of the park, the large tea pavilion, pond, and adjacent walkway and bridge suggest a traditional north-south axis and serve as central destinations for visitors. A series of smaller tea pavilions along the perimeter of the meadow and on the hill offer more intimate places to rest, experience the setting, and partake in the important tradition of tea.


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